Saturday, January 30, 2010

Cheap Unique Valentine Day Ideas

It is that time of year again, already! Good old Valentines day, the most romantic day of the year, are you ready? Buying a card, writing a letter, getting the perfect gift, and making reservations at great restaurants. So much to do, or prepare for. No matter where you live or what you do for that day, nothing says I love you better then a well put together, hand written, thought out, romantic love letter!

Cards are great, but you can not always find the one that says everything you want it to. Speak from your own heart, it says a little more. It is more personal, thoughtful, creative, and means more when you put your personal time into it. A little effort can go a long way, if you use your words correctly. Use some detail with what you write. It is important to show that you do have a memory and events are special to you as well.

Have a little fun when writing your letter. Make up a mini poem, or be creative and talk about upcoming events that you would like to plan. Tell stories of the past that only the two of you know about. Make the person you are writing this for, laugh, and smile. I think using this technique in the middle of your letter, works best.

Write a romantic love letter and hide it. Put the 'receiver' on a search to find it, from one clue to the next. Maybe leave a piece of chocolate, or even a rose at each clue location. If you get creative enough, it becomes fun and a memory of a life time. There are many ways to have a special Valentines Day without having to go to the best events! You just have to use your mind and plan out what you would like to do.

Make this Valentine Day, one to remember. Go all out for the one your trying to impress. It is okay to get 'mushy' every now and then. Be sensitive, honest, heart felt, and sweet. Remember you are doing this for the person you feel deserves it. So do not be afraid to show it all. Write what comes to mind and heart. Remember the special qualities this person you are writing for has. Whether you are married, dating, or just going out on a first date, this can work to your advantage if you put some thought into it. There are so many more great ideas available.

The Secret of Self Help Credit Repair

In today's world, the importance of credit cannot be overstated. It is the singularly most important factor when it comes to buying a new home, getting a car, putting your children through school, renting an apartment, or even - in some cases - getting a job. If yours is bad enough, the repercussions can be incredibly damaging to your entire family for years to come. The value of self help credit repair should be evident then, as it allows people who are in a hole to improve their lives in almost every possible way.

Where to Start

Credit repair starts with the most basic of investments - your time. You need to learn everything you can about your credit and why there are problems. If you're merely dealing with a low score, request reports from all three major reporting bureaus. You should receive one free report from each company annually.

After that, make sure to read the Fair Credit Reporting Act to ensure your rights have not been violated and that everything on your report was fairly placed. A delinquency or, even worse, identity theft can be devastating if not caught in time.

If your credit is beyond simply a bad score, you may need to look past self help credit repair and invest in the services of a lawyer who can help analyze your situation and negotiate debt reduction settlements with your creditors. While these settlements can hurt in the short term, they are far better than a bankruptcy or multiple defaults - which can take more than a decade to recover from.

Investing in Your Future

Good credit is a gift and a responsibility. You need to maintain it if you want to take advantage of the benefits it has to offer. That means spending time and money keeping your cards and loans under control. Get a responsible, affordable mortgage, don't overextend your cards, and try not to push the number of open accounts, or the amount of credit you have to borrow from past your financial means.

The key to good credit is to responsibly handle the credit you have. Rather than considering it a part of your income, think of credit as a last ditch lifeline that will only be used when you have no other options. Use it to make major purchases that directly affect your life - such as vehicles, school loans, a new home, or business loans. This kind of responsible borrowing can last you a lifetime, allowing you to far more easily manage your finances and stay ahead of your bills.

Three Easy Steps to Clean Up Credit Report Issues

There are three major credit reporting bureaus, and each of them holds your future in their hands. Using data obtained from banks, collection agencies, and landlords, the bureaus create a report and an aggregate score that will determine your ability to get more credit and afford the things you need in life - such as a new car or a mortgage for your home. So, for many, it becomes paramount that they clean up credit report errors and issues as soon as possible.

1. Review Your Report

Start by requesting free copies of your report from the three major reporting bureaus. Each bureau needs to provide at least one free report each year to anyone who asks, as per the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Use this information to determine if you need to clean up credit report issues related to inaccurate information.

2. Deciding What to Dispute

Once you have analyzed your situation and determined what issues there may be, it's time to decide if you are willing to dispute any of the items that have been reported. For the most part, almost any negative item can either be disputed or discussed with someone. If an item is inaccurate, was not done by you, or seems suspect, dispute it immediately. This includes late payments, charge-offs, collections, low limits, wrongly listed accounts, unpaid accounts that were settled in bankruptcy, or any negative items older than seven years.

3. When to Push and When to Lay Off

There are some issues that should not be argued too forcefully and for good reason. These issues can be detrimental to your report if you have them repaired, due to goofy parts of the FICO scoring system. Things you should ignore include employers being wrongly listed as current, inquiries that did not occur, outdated or incorrect addresses, and misspellings of your name. Of course, there are exceptions to all of these, such as identity theft or delinquent accounts related to these errors. But, if it is just a typo, do not expend effort getting it fixed as it will not affect your score.

By knowing how to get the data from your credit report, what to dispute, and where to draw the line, you can effectively remove any of the old errors that have been plaguing your credit report for years. And going forward, you will hopefully be able to monitor your credit and keep it from ever becoming an issue again.

Monday, January 25, 2010

I wanted to share that It's my 16th day writing articles online, and I have 15 published. I have never been rejected for them, other then putting the wrong link in, - in the beginning. I also have written a 10pk for PLR use for Valentine's day, if someone is interested out there. So, within 16 days total, I have 25 articles written! I'm proud of myself. I just had to share my success with everyone. Thanks

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Saturday, January 23, 2010

I'm new to blogging!

So, I am new, and giving this a shot. I would like to tell you a little about me.

I was diagnosed in 2004, with degenerative disc disease down my spine. I have two herniated disc's in my neck, and one pinched nerve. When I went in for treatment (which was traction on my neck), it did something to my lower back. Now I can no longer stand for more then 5-10 mins at a time. Sitting still, holding a phone to my head, even typing at a computer for a long period of time, puts me into pain!

I have been out of work, due to all of this since Oct. 2007, and have had a very long battle trying to get SSI disability. I am waiting to hear from them again, have a meeting set up for mid march. So, meanwhile, I am writing this blog, looking for online work!

Writing from my heart.

I have such a passion for writing. I have always loved to write, letter, poems, just about anything out there. I have started putting some of my talents out there for people to view. I would like to share some of them with you :) Please let me know what you think! Feedback is important to me!

In my weakest moment, My Savior carries me
He directs my heart to where it should be -
I cry out to my GOD, help me to want You
Please give me the strength, so it's Your will I do-
Teach me the right way to live
So I can show others what love You give-
Help me to understand Your way
Teach me something new everyday-
Jesus died for me, and all I do is sin
What a messed up world we live in-
I want to follow You and do what's right
It happens so fast, one wrong turn, and Your out of sight-
Thank You my LORD for saving someone like me-
For promising a life of joy, but mostly eternity!

In Christ,

This is a poem I wrote not too long ago. It's one of my favorite's.

I also have some articles too:

Some people are afraid, or worry about 'the spark", leaving their marriage. I have heard of that happening to some people. It is a shame that happens, because people really lose focus on why they got married to begin with. If you were that devoted in the first place, to get married, then you both know it is there. You just have to find ways to "dig it" out again. There are techniques to get back to the way you were!

Instead of focusing all your time on what is going wrong with your marriage, start remembering just why you fell in love. It takes a lot of time to think of all the 'what if's'! Re-direct that time and effort into winning back the love of your life. I believe some make the mistake of 'the normal routine'. If you were the type to bring home flowers and a card to your spouse, on a regular basis, then do not try to use that technique to re-kindle your marriage. Be creative and think up something new!

I truly believe with all my heart, that saving your marriage comes from you! I do not believe you have to go through counseling all the time, or go to any high paying therapist. If you really think about it, did you have to do that at the start of your relationship, 'x' amount of years ago? What do they really do anyway, besides tell you to talk it out, or remember the reasons you became a couple anyway? So hear is a little advice:
  1. Remember why you fell in love with your spouse to begin with!
  2. Re-focus your time and efforts into the best memories of your time together.
  3. Think up something new or creative to express your marriage is worth saving.
  4. Sweep your spouse off of their feet!
If you want to try something new, there are tons of ideas out there. I do not know you personally, so just pick something that you have not done in a long time, or have never tried before. A few ideas are: A surprise night at a hotel, roses sent by the hour, a passionate romantic love letter, a weekend getaway, or maybe a walk along the beach with a picnic.

There are many ways to write a love letter. You can also find many different reasons to come up with one too. When speaking from the heart, nothing says 'I love you' more then a surprise, unexpected love letter. Some times it's great just to put a little love note inside a pocket, wallet, or purse also.
When you truly love someone, allow the words to come straight from the heart. A lot of people believe they don't know how to write, or that words don't come easy. However, the words are there in the heart. It's just a matter of finding them, 'unscrambling' them, and writing them out. It's not as hard as one would think. It may take a little thought, time, or creativity on your part, but what is that compared to the reaction you will recieve?

Allow the words to flow through your fingers as you are putting it together. Just remember the reason you first wanted to get to know the person you are so in love with now. Go back in time and pull out all those wonderful memories, and let the good times take over your romantic love letter.

There are some new things that you can try different too. Maybe one letter could have a picture glued to it? Maybe another might have something like an old movie stub that you first saw together on it. Some times it's not always just words that will make the letter, 'the perfect love letter'. Don't be afraid to be sensitive in it. Be yourself, after all you are the one your mate fell in love with.

It doesn't have to be Valentine's Day, Birthday, Anniversary, or any other holiday. It can be at any time, and a 'just because' thing. You can turn it into a monthy type of thing, every 6 months, or every now and then. I can say that everyone I've ever met loves to recieve a nice love letter. It's a great way to put a smile on your loved one's face!

It doesn't cost to love, or show love. Some times a simple romantic love letter beats an expensive gift! You could even think of maybe making a line of rose pedals and at the end of it, leave a love letter. The thought is what will really count in the end. It's a memory that will last a life time. A letter is a piece of your heart that you can put in the palm of your mate's hand. It doesn't get any better then that.

I will add more, as time goes on. Thanks for taking the time to read these! God Bless :)