Saturday, January 30, 2010

Cheap Unique Valentine Day Ideas

It is that time of year again, already! Good old Valentines day, the most romantic day of the year, are you ready? Buying a card, writing a letter, getting the perfect gift, and making reservations at great restaurants. So much to do, or prepare for. No matter where you live or what you do for that day, nothing says I love you better then a well put together, hand written, thought out, romantic love letter!

Cards are great, but you can not always find the one that says everything you want it to. Speak from your own heart, it says a little more. It is more personal, thoughtful, creative, and means more when you put your personal time into it. A little effort can go a long way, if you use your words correctly. Use some detail with what you write. It is important to show that you do have a memory and events are special to you as well.

Have a little fun when writing your letter. Make up a mini poem, or be creative and talk about upcoming events that you would like to plan. Tell stories of the past that only the two of you know about. Make the person you are writing this for, laugh, and smile. I think using this technique in the middle of your letter, works best.

Write a romantic love letter and hide it. Put the 'receiver' on a search to find it, from one clue to the next. Maybe leave a piece of chocolate, or even a rose at each clue location. If you get creative enough, it becomes fun and a memory of a life time. There are many ways to have a special Valentines Day without having to go to the best events! You just have to use your mind and plan out what you would like to do.

Make this Valentine Day, one to remember. Go all out for the one your trying to impress. It is okay to get 'mushy' every now and then. Be sensitive, honest, heart felt, and sweet. Remember you are doing this for the person you feel deserves it. So do not be afraid to show it all. Write what comes to mind and heart. Remember the special qualities this person you are writing for has. Whether you are married, dating, or just going out on a first date, this can work to your advantage if you put some thought into it. There are so many more great ideas available.

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