Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Secret of Self Help Credit Repair

In today's world, the importance of credit cannot be overstated. It is the singularly most important factor when it comes to buying a new home, getting a car, putting your children through school, renting an apartment, or even - in some cases - getting a job. If yours is bad enough, the repercussions can be incredibly damaging to your entire family for years to come. The value of self help credit repair should be evident then, as it allows people who are in a hole to improve their lives in almost every possible way.

Where to Start

Credit repair starts with the most basic of investments - your time. You need to learn everything you can about your credit and why there are problems. If you're merely dealing with a low score, request reports from all three major reporting bureaus. You should receive one free report from each company annually.

After that, make sure to read the Fair Credit Reporting Act to ensure your rights have not been violated and that everything on your report was fairly placed. A delinquency or, even worse, identity theft can be devastating if not caught in time.

If your credit is beyond simply a bad score, you may need to look past self help credit repair and invest in the services of a lawyer who can help analyze your situation and negotiate debt reduction settlements with your creditors. While these settlements can hurt in the short term, they are far better than a bankruptcy or multiple defaults - which can take more than a decade to recover from.

Investing in Your Future

Good credit is a gift and a responsibility. You need to maintain it if you want to take advantage of the benefits it has to offer. That means spending time and money keeping your cards and loans under control. Get a responsible, affordable mortgage, don't overextend your cards, and try not to push the number of open accounts, or the amount of credit you have to borrow from past your financial means.

The key to good credit is to responsibly handle the credit you have. Rather than considering it a part of your income, think of credit as a last ditch lifeline that will only be used when you have no other options. Use it to make major purchases that directly affect your life - such as vehicles, school loans, a new home, or business loans. This kind of responsible borrowing can last you a lifetime, allowing you to far more easily manage your finances and stay ahead of your bills.

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  1. Good credit is definitely very important in qualifying for any kind of loan or mortgage. After the economic downturn, it has now become important for consumers to take steps in order to improve their credit scores. In order to improve scores, the first thing one should do is to avoid late payments. As a part of self help credit repair tips, it is suggested that the consumers should clear up all their past due bills. Also, one should request the lender/creditor to offer an alternative repayment plan which will make it easier for the consumer to pay off the bills.